Custom Painting Solution is based in Calgary, Alberta.
Our craftsmanship and quality materials will make your space sparkle.

HOw we work


Once we remove all furniture and hardware from the walls (plug covers, nails, light fixtures, etc.) we install protective sheets. We then apply painters tape around moldings and frames to prevent stray paint. We inspect walls for cracks and holes, repair any damage and only then surface is ready for paint.


The proper painting techniques for cutting in, using a roller and painting trim ensure quality result. Primer is formulated to create an even base, seal stains and ensure topcoat of paint bond securely to the surface. We always apply quality paint adequate to the surface.

Touch up & Clean up

We know that keeping your space clean and tidy is a priority, we ensure at the end of every day we clean up after the work. All work is completed and finished in a professional manner.

Why hire us?

We use the best products available in the market. Our craftsmanship and quality materials will make your space sparkle.

  • We work directly with our customers, we don’t hire subcontractors.
  • From cabinet remodeling to commercial projects, Custom Painting Solution has the right price for you.
  • We are fully insured.
  • We deliver with quality and on time.
  • We provide complimentary advise on color palette.
  • Enjoy our 2-year labor and material guarantee!
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