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    Benefits of House Painting in Calgary in The Winter Season

    Benefits of House Painting in Calgary in The Winter Season

    Some Facts About Winter Life in Calgary

    The average temperature of Calgary in December is 1 degree Celsius to -12 degrees Celsius. Which sometimes drops to -20 degrees Celsius during a chill wind. A great portion of wintertime in areas like Calgary spend indoors, and it’s difficult to leave the house other than for compulsory reasons. This gives the opportunity for a painting project to get yourself a repainted house around Christmas.

    In Calgary, winters aren’t as harsh as is assumed. People from slightly warmer corners of the world feel more comfortable in Calgary, as the houses here are specially designed for winter. Thick and insulated walls and windows with triple-glazed glass make sure the temperature is contained even at -30 degrees Celsius, which is rare.

    Winter in Calgary lasts around 3 to 4 months, starting in December and continuing around march. The average humidity in Calgary is about 55% in winter, which drops to 45% in summer. Calgary has intermediate temperatures in winter, but Vancouver, Toronto, and Hamilton are comparatively warmer than Calgary. Whereas Edmonton, Ottawa, and Winnipeg are colder in comparison.

    Perks Of Hiring Painters in Winter

    People who wait for winter to get their houses repainted always enjoy the benefits of winter. They are well aware of the promised benefits of painting contracts in winter such as the following:

    Contractors Are Easily Available

    This is the time of the year you have limited connections to the outer world. Everyone stays inside as the weather doesn’t allow anyone to go anywhere. This is why painting contractors in Calgary are abundantly available for you to hire for any date of the month.

    It makes sure the availability of a competent painting contractor with experience and creative ideas for colors and designs. This makes the winter season a more feasible time to hire an expert painter to complete your exterior painting project with attention to every detail.

    Advanced Paint Solutions

    Using high-quality paints with advanced nano-guard technology provides more adhesion factor for the paint particles to stick to the surface at a lower temperature. The more the lifetime of the paint the longer your house will look pretty. In the case of either exterior or interior paint service in Calgary, your paint will stay in perfect shape protecting itself from any external mishap no matter the climate. Also, some helpful aftercare suggestions can increase your paint job’s durability.

    Premium-quality painting solutions take less time than low-quality to provide a permissible outcome. Also, self-priming paints are considered more eco-friendly than traditional paints which require multiple coats let alone the primer coat. Also, high-quality paints are known to efficiently work well for a wide collection of surfaces like vinyl, stucco, brick, wood, etc.

    Latex Paint

    Water-based paints with either smooth or textured finish resist cracking and peeling of paint. High-quality latex paints like Sherin Williams Emerald provide an even and plain paint job that lasts longer and keeps its charm alive for years to come.

    Oil Based Paint

    If you hire an experienced exterior painting contractor in winter with advanced quality oil-based paints that will give you an edge in working time as it dries more slowly than latex paint and also shrinks lesser.

    Enjoy The Summer Break

    In the summertime, you will have yourself for your beloved family and friends to enjoy your hobbies. You can continue the book you have been meaning to resume or explore the city’s natural attractions. Such as a quick trip to the Rocky Mountains for skiing and hiking.

    If you stuck yourself in the search of a painting contractor during the summer break you might miss a lot of perks of the break. This makes winter more appropriate to start a creative painting project either DIY or hiring professionals.

    Semi-Arid Climate

    The semi-dry air of winter in Calgary is the perfect feature to hire a professional painting contractor for exterior wall painting. This weather and air condition will quickly dry the walls whether it’s matte, semi-gloss, or satin. 100% acrylic paints are efficient for every kind of surface. i.e., brick, plaster, wood metal, and vinyl.

    Modern paints of nano guard technology are impenetrable to UV rays, stains, and moist air for years to come. When your house is in hands of an expert painter you got nothing to worry about.

    They are already well aware of how to face any casualties if any come up like stormy weather, rain, etc. This makes even the freezing temperature of Calgary workable with a few adjustments such as using heaters for interior painting services.

    More Affordable Rates

    Winter season is the perfect opportunity to begin repainting your living room and other house interiors. Painting contractors are readily available at more efficient and reasonable rates than they ask in peak seasons.

    This way you can achieve the house appearance of your dreams with the help of proficient painters in Calgary. Also, their years of experience and insight give you an advantage and have a more practical yet creative opinion on your color and design scheme.

    Average house painting rates in Calgary are as follows which vary under different circumstances like unusual weather changes:

    Exterior $5,570

    Interior $3,397

    Full House Painting $7,909

    As told before due to fewer painting jobs in winter you will get much lower rates than this to start a lovely day and a dream painting project.


    There is no better time than this winter to start your painting project which you have been longing for quite some time. You get good rates, a skillful crew, and suitable weather conditions for the paint to cure in time.

    Also, you can start your next year with a refreshed spirit of the house reflecting a positive effect on every inhabitant of the house. Visit Custom Painting Solution now to hire our commercial painting contractor Calgary for this year’s painting project.